Abundant Hope receives no state or federal funding and exists due to generous individuals and churches, primarily from our local communities. 100% of our financial support comes from individuals, local churches and area businesses.   Your financial support paves the way for responsive ministry to women in unplanned pregnancies. Help us continue to provide quality mentoring and free pregnancy related services. Drop your donation in the mail to us or complete an online donation.

Your church can make a commitment to our ministry by including us in the regular missions budget.

Thank you for your continued generosity!

Individuals 89%

Churches 8%

Other 3%

The following story clearly illustrates why we need your help.


She had $500 in her pocket and an appointment scheduled at the local clinic.  Her boyfriend wants her to “take care of the problem”.  She needs to know how far along she is to know what procedure they will perform and what it will cost.  Without looking at me she said “I need to get rid of it.”  I knew the next few minutes were critical. We both waited silently for an image to appear on the ultrasound screen. Her cold demeanor softened as she watched her baby’s heartbeat. She began to cry. I exhaled, knowing there will be many more months of care needed, but the first crucial hour was behind us.

Today we ask you to give generously with the same sense of urgency that this staff member provided to the client who thought her only option was to end her child’s life. Your gift will only take a minute, but will provide a lifetime for a child.